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Dear Faithbridgers and Friends,  Yesterday I had the chance – as I do from time to time – to train and encourage about 25 pastors; some from North America and others from all around, including Cuba, India, and Africa! We had a great time filled... More

Prayer and worship is an essential part of living as a follower of Christ. Join us for a special evening of prayer and an extended time of worship with Matthew and Lizi Bailey.  We'll gather Sunday, August 30 at 5pm on the Klein Campus. A... More

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, What are followers of Christ to do in a world that is increasingly hostile to truth, humility, justice, and biblical-living? Be here this Sunday as we kick off our new teaching series called, “Unshakeable:  A... More

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, As we gear up for the critical outreach season of the new school year, what a wonderful thing it is that Faithbridge is equipped with so many passionate, committed volunteers – but – it takes hundreds of unpaid... More