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Faithbridge Live // 09.21.14

Posted September 21

Watch today's service online. Dan Slagle brings part two of the series on marriage and relationship. Then, come back to watch the service on demand any time during the week.  If you'd like to view other recent sermons, click... More

‘Til Death Do Us Part - Week 2

Posted September 19

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, This Sunday we'll have Part 2 of our new series on Marriage called 'Til Death Do Us Part, a promise – or a threat? As I told you last week, this is not just for married people, this is relevant for all of us. If... More

Supplemental Marriage Resources

Posted September 14

In this series, 'Til Death Do Us Part, we only scrape the surface of hot topics on the subject of marriage. Click on the individual links below to hear other compelling Faithbridge sermons on specific topics relating to marriage and... More

Dear Faithbridgers and Friends, What an incredible morning of healing prayer we had at Faithbridge last Sunday! I've been excited about the feedback thus far, and I'm confident God is continuing His healing work in our midst. If God gives you a... More